Fladbury Ultrafast Broadband Community Project

Frequently Asked Questions and project background

Why do I need Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)?

Fibre Optic cables are more reliable for today’s technologies and suffer fewer faults than the old steel and copper cabling. Many modern devices in the home such as smart TVs, smart wrist watches, smart speakers, games consoles, media streamers and other large file downloads e.g. films, are reliant on consistent internet connectivity to operate effectively.

Also, activities such as online backup and file sharing are much quicker.

Fibre broadband could make your house more attractive to a prospective buyer and increase your house price if you have it (or decrease it if you don’t).

Internet Speeds

Most of Fladbury has the option of the Superfast service which delivers optimal download speeds of 80 megabits per second (Mbps). This speed drops the further you are from a street cabinet and only those properties very close to cabinets will enjoy this. Typically you will only be getting 50mbps at best unless you can see the cabinet.

The current broadband technology infrastructure in Fladbury also relies heavily on everyone sharing the same lines. This is why your broadband performance drops at busy times. Ultrafast broadband has so much extra capacity this ceases to be a problem.

How do I find out how fast my current broadband connection is?

There are a number of broadband speed test websites that you can use to test your current broadband speed. Simply search ‘Broadband Speed test’ to find one. Speeds can vary according to the number of devices utilising your connection, time of day or day of the week, so it is worth repeating the test to get the range of speeds you receive. Remember you will likely receive a different output for an Ethernet connection vs. a Wi-Fi connection.

When Fibre Broadband becomes available in my area, will my broadband speed simply get faster without me taking any action?

It won’t. To get the benefits of fibre broadband, you’ll need to place an order with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is because fibre broadband uses a different technology and an engineer will need to visit your premises to install the necessary equipment. There are several ISPs offering fibre broadband in Worcestershire so you can shop around and choose the package that’s best for you. If you choose not to upgrade to fibre broadband, you’ll be able to continue using your existing broadband service as normal.

How do I upgrade my broadband or order a new connection?

You will need to check your current broadband contract with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Typically, customers sign up for contract periods of 12, 18 or 24 months and you may need to complete this agreement if you would like to switch broadband providers. If you are still within your contract period, most broadband providers will allow you to upgrade to a fibre package.

How do I switch to a different internet service provider?

First of all, check if the contract period you signed up for with your existing supplier has expired. Most contracts require you to give a month’s notice, even after the initial period. If it hasn’t expired, you may be liable for a cancellation fee or even the balance of the fee until the contract runs out. It’s your choice if you decide you want to buy yourself out of a contract that hasn’t yet expired. There are a number of impartial sources of advice that you can use before you change suppliers (Which?, Money Saving Expert, USwitch etc.).

Worcestershire Superfast

Can you can read more about the broadband rollout program in Worcestershire here.

(This site is mostly about the superfast rollout but Ultrafast is being managed by the same team and website.)

UK Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme

Home site of of the UK Government Scheme. Rural Gigabit voucher scheme