Keeping in Touch No 16

Lunches delivered to your door

Four All Seasons Catering deliver meals on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays - £8 each.  

Friday 5 June – Homemade Steak and Ale Pie

Sunday 7 June - Roast Lamb + Apple Crumble and cream £4

Wednesday 10 June - Pork Stroganoff served with rice

 Friday 12 June  - Homemade Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Sunday 14 June - Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding + Homemade Bramley Apple Pie and cream £4

To order, contact Carol-Anne and Nigel on 07866 670472


Fish & Chips on Thursday – and more!

Text Vicki on 07737 326183 before 1pm on Thursday to order fish & chips or lots of other choices  - please see attached menu – to be delivered later in the day to your door within 6-miles of Fladbury. Bottles of wine can also be delivered – again see attached list. Wine orders need to be in by the Wednesday before the Thursday delivery.


Indian Takeaway recommended.....

Julie Bowler of Cropthorne emailed “The Indian takeaway in Pershore does home delivery, Cardamom 555074 there isn't an advertised web address on the flyer.  We had one just after the flyer was delivered and the food was very good but I think they must have been overwhelmed with orders as it was rather late on arriving”


Field and Nait

Due to excessive numbers of people visiting the Nait over recent weekends, it was decided to close the area. Social distancing was not being observed and there were health and safety concerns as well as anxiety about some behaviour.

The Nait remains in private ownership and the owner felt it appropriate to close it temporarily for the above reasons.        

Ian Southcott, Chair of Fladbury Parish Council


Christian Aid Week – local and national results

As you know, during Christian Aid Week 2020, we invited people to to donate to the  Christian Aid Coronavirus Emergency Appeal on-line or by  telephone and people in the Five Alive villages gave £1,330 including Gift Aid. In 2019 we raised £2,820. For national results, I emailed Christian Aid and they replied “it’s your support which enables us to reach the world’s poorest. So far, we’ve raised about £2m for Christian Aid Week and donations are still coming in. If this had been a normal year, we would have expected around £7m total. Given the difficult circumstances, we’re really pleased with the results and we’re so grateful to everybody who has made it happen. Thank you so much for your part in that. Please pass on our thanks to everyone.”


Five Alive Shopping

  • Fladbury Pies & Sausages are open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and on Thursday and Saturday mornings. And they deliver in Fladbury and surrounding areas – pies, sausages, meat + cheese and eggs and a few groceries – call in or ring 01386 860228 to order
  • Oxton Organics, beyond the bottom of Broadway Lane in Fladbury, have fresh organic home grown produce for sale on a stall at their gate - and beautiful flowers. Pop by or, for further information, email or ring Jayne on 860477
  • Clives of Cropthorne has meat, veg, fruit etc – phone Rich on 0772 980912 or 01386 860439 or email
  • Oaklands Fruit Farm WR10 3JT on the righthandside of the Cropthorne to Pershore road – telephone 861503, email - has punnets of strawberries and raspberries for sale.
  • Rowlings Garden Centre in Cropthore, our local garden centre on the lefthand side of the main road from Cropthorne to Evesham, is open. Telephone orders can also be taken on 860793 and you can pay by card.  There is plenty of room for parking and social distancing will be observed.
  • Sylvia’s in Cropthorne, on the righthand side of the main road from Cropthore to Pershore – 860284 – sells lots of bedding plants.



The “Countries” quiz created quite a bit of interest – and a query or two. Andrew emailed “The answer to Q4 is Russia (Rush-a). Q27 - I am told the answer is Kampuchea (Camp-poo-cheer). Although Cambodia (Camp-odour-ya) also work”.

Attached are the answers to the Chocolate Bars Quiz – any queries there?!

Thanks to Andrew Hughes of Fladbury for submitting both these quizzes. People would like more quizzes – any offers please?


Jigsaw Puzzles

Plenty of jigsaw puzzles for swapping! Give and take in the porch of 10 Bugg Furlong. If you have any queries, please contact Lou on phone 07968 252847 or email



Thanks to a response to my request for more DVDs of “The Crown”, I am now enjoying series 2


Tomato Plants

I have one or two tomato plants more than I can manage. Would anyone like to try nurturing them? Please ring me, Jane – on 860531.



  • John Bolt of Llewellyn Close emailed - We’ve had goldfinch regularly visiting our garden and blue tits are nesting in the Kendrick box at the back of our shed. A red kite this morning above, and I counted 6 buzzards over the field as it was being cut yesterday. Heard the cuckoo from the garden yesterday and previously near Springhill Farm and at Avon Meadows. Also spotted a yellow wagtail on the cabbage field between Lower and Upper Moor. Still on the lookout for a Fladbury hedgehog this year.
  • Julie Bowler of Cropthorne emailed - I have also enjoyed the nature and bird sightings. We have been hearing a cuckoo for about the last 8 days, and I saw one yesterday.
  • Do you know if there is any group in Fladbury that is interested in bird sightings? I'm not looking for anything too formal, just information about what is about. I was pleased to hear about the Nightingale and the yellow wagtails (which I've never seen). We have a nightly visit from at least one hedgehog, occasionally two, visiting our "food bank" hopefully there will be little ones soon.
  • Rosemary Allsop of Butt Furlong emailed - Re wildlife in our garden (apart from the usual wood pigeons, rabbits, squirrels etc!), we have had a hedgehog, a pair of mallards, a green woodpecker, two magpies and we hear the cuckoo regularly!   Our bird feeder is also frequently visited by sparrows, robins and various species of tit. We're waiting for the first sighting of a green parrakeet! we used to have them in our garden in West London and they are apparently spreading further afield! We miss the sound of the sheep and lambs though now they have been moved from the field at the rear of our garden - we have never before been able to hear bleatings from our own garden!
  • John and Dan of Paynes Lane spotted the Yellow Wagtails near the pond in their garden. And John spotted a Red Kite overhead.
  • No mention of butterflies – I spotted very few in the Orchard and Nature Reserve last Sunday but bees are a-buzzing. If you would like to read John Powell’s blog about bees and rescuing a swarm, please let me know. And my bird table has bumble bees nesting in the small roof.


Keeping in touch

Are you? If not and you want to, you can contact.....

  • Sarah, the Vicar – phone 861669 or email
  • Ian, Fladbury Parish Council chair – phone 861061 or email
  • Lou, Friends of Fladbury – phone 07968 252847 or email


If you have any news or information – or quizzes - you wish to share, please let me know by email or telephone 860531.

Love Jane X

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