Welcome to Friends of Fladbury


We welcome new members and applications for funding for projects in Fladbury.  Please contact Louise Bugg, Chair of Friends of Fladbury for more information 01386 861903


Our next meeting will be on 18th January 2017 in The Chequers at 8pm.  All are welcome to come along.


2016 AGM and recent meeting notes are available below.

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Our next event is the Fladbury Festive Five - a 5-ish mile run along the River Avon and through our village - on January 8th 2017.


For more information please go to www.fladburyfestivefive.org


Latest News:


AGM news:


We recently had our AGM meeting.  The new committee was formed - Louise Bugg is now Chair of the Friends of Fladbury, Robert Guy continues as Treasurer. Roving Secretarial and Committee members include Julie Cross, Ian Southcott, Jane Bugg, Andy Train, Steve Curtis, Caroline Curtis, Alice Jennings and Geoff Mills.


Since the last AGM The Friends of Fladbury have donated over £2000 to good causes and have organised a number of successful village events.


Please see the full minutes below.


Fladbury Fete:


Our fete was a happy occasion which made a good profit of just under £500 which will be donated to the Village Hall for their new kitchen facility. 


The Farm Animal Sanctuary received a donation of £100 as thanks for judging our Dog Show.

The Church received a donation of £100 as thanks for the ladies serving teas.

Fladbury School made over £50 on the bouncy castle.


Queens 90th Birthday Street Party:


We celebrated the Queen's 90th Birthday Street Party on 12th June 2016 between the Anchor and The Chequers pubs. Many villagers came down to enjoy music and food from either of the pubs. There was a children's fancy dress party with a parade.  


Fladbury Festive Five:


Our regular Fladbury Festive Five, a 5 mile multi-terrain race, will take place again in 2017.  The date is to be confirmed.  This race is mainly off road, along the banks of the River Avon, through Fladbury village and Lower Moor.  In 2016, the event was a big success and raised £1200.  £750 was donated to the Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign and the rest will go towards community projects in Fladbury.


Above is Julie Cross from the Friends presenting the cheque to Dr Thrush, consultant at the new unit.


Who are Friends of Fladbury?


The Friends of Fladbury were founded at the beginning of 2012 after the successful fundraising by Friends of Pool Garden to establish a new and improved play ground for young children in Farm Street. The group aims to be a facilitator of community events, fundraising and projects and has representatives from the community, Parish Council, the Church, sports clubs and the Fladbury Walkabout.


Regular events now include the Festive Five Run in December and hopefully the Fladbury Fete in September. In addition we hold social events throughout the year; bulb planting, tea dances, village hall parties, carol singing...


We actively encourage local groups to apply for funding from Friends of Fladbury and over the past year various organisations were supported by Friends of Fladbury.  These include Brownies, Rainbows, Fladbury Paddle club, Scrabble Club, Fladbury Village Hall, Fladbury Church, Fladbury Cricket Club and Fladbury CE First School.


Recent meeting notes: 


Friends of Fladbury AGM Minutes

23 November 2016, The Chequers, Fladbury



Attendees:: Andy Train, Julie Cross, Robert Guy, Caroline Curtis, Steve Curtis, Ian Southcott, Lou Bugg, Jane Bugg, Alice Jennings


  1. Apologies: Geoff Mills

2.Approval of last AGM  minutes

The date was incorrect on the minutes. This has now been changed.  Minutes were approved.


3.Summary from Roving Chairs

Since the last AGM we have held a number of events in the village including -

  • September Fete 20 15

  • Fladbury Festive Five

  • Christmas Tree and Carol singing

  • Queen’s Birthday Celebration

  • September Fete 2016

As a result we have been able to make some significant donations including –

  • Worcestershire Breast Unit Centre

  • Brownies

  • Fladbury CE First School

  • Fladbury Village Hall

The committee congratulated themselves on donating over £2k to good causes. We should  let people know this at the next opportunity.

4.Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer reported the following accounts.



NOV 15-NOV 16




FESTIVE 5 2016










NOV 15-NOV 16










1st Responders












Worcester Breast Cancer Unit


Fladbury Brownies


Donation to Fladbury Church


Fladbury School


Fladbury Village Hall






Bank Balance (net of F5 cont.)




5.Review of Friends of Fladbury Constitution

All attendees read the constitution and agreed that it is still relevant to the current management of the Friends of Fladbury.


6.Appointments of Committee

The following persons were nominated and seconded to take on the following positions within the Friends of Fladbury -


Chairperson: Louise Bugg

Treasurer:  Robert Guy

Secretary:  Roving (all committee members to take turns)

Committee members: Geoff Mills, Andy Train, Julie Cross, Caroline Curtis, Steve Curtis, Ian Southcott, Jane Bugg, Alice Jennings



The committee agreed that we should give thanks to Lou who has kept things moving along and to Alice for Mail Chimp management.


AGM Meeting Closed 20.38



Friends of Fladbury General Meeting Minutes


1.Approval of minutes from last meeting

Meeting minutes approved.


1.Christmas plans


Christmas Tree

We need to purchase new lights for the Christmas tree.

Action: Steve Curtis will try to get outdoor lights online.


Tree to be erected on Sunday morning.

Action:  All to meet at the Orchard at 10am


Switching the lights on The Anchor at 5pm. Drinks in the pub afterwards.

Action: Lou to put up an event on Facebook, Alice to send a Mail Chimp event.

New people in the village will be asked to turn on the lights.

Jane to ask the vicar to bless the tree.


Carol Singing around the tree

Wed 21st December 6pm

Mulled wine and mince pies in the pub.

Music  from Penny Wagner and the Jones

Action: Lou to put up an event on Facebook, Alice to send a Mail Chimp event.

Bucket collection for St Paul’s Hostel


Sat 17th December Family Christmas Disco 4-5.30pm

Age 12 and under

£2.50 children

Donation from adults

Action: Steve and Caroline to check if their daughter has disco lights

Andy to ask if Ali can judge the kids dancing


2.Fladbury Festive Five

Plans are progressing. Julie as Race Director and Lou as her helper.

We have over 70 runners already.

Allan Morris homes (Tim Osborne) has sponsored the race again £100.

We need helpers for tea and cakes and marshals.


3.Funding requests

Non received.



  • Pool Garden – Ian has spoken to them and is going to chase them up.

Action: Robert will speak to them as he has a personal contact

  • 9.15 am Thursday morning keep fit in the village hall from January 2017

  • Table tennis table for the village hall

Action: Jane to look into costs

Date of next meeting: 18th January 2017 8pm The Chequers




Friends of Fladbury Meeting

28 September 2016 8pm
The Chequers




Attendees - Jane Bugg, Robert Guy and Roving Chair – Lou Bugg, Andy Train, Alice Jennings , Ian Southcott


Apologies- Julie Cross, Geoff Mills, Caroline Curtis, Steve Curtis


Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and approved


Fete Wrap up


The fete was a happy occasion which made a good profit of just under £500 which will be donated to the Village Hall for their new kitchen facility. See income and expenses below.

The Farm Animal Sanctuary received a donation of £100 as thanks for judging our Dog Show.

The Church received a donation of £100 as thanks for the ladies serving teas.

Fladbury School made over £50 on the bouncy castle.




We discussed what went well

-Live music


-Help before and at the end

-Dog show brought in more people

-Starting earlier

-Raffle – stall holders all donated

And what didn’t go so well

-Layout – need to bring everyone in

-More stalls

-Bar (possibly Pimms van or our own bar next year)


Could try races


Action: Lou to complete the thank you letters

Action: Robert to bank the money, check the figures and issue cheques


Treasurers Report

Our current balance including the returned £160 float from the Fete is £1097.15.

With the fete profit the balance will be around £1600.


Funding Requests

The village hall has written to Friends of Fladbury to request £1000 donation. All agreed that based on the funds raised from the Fete £1000 could be donated.

Action: Cheque to be written.

Action: Jane to complete form


Festive Five Jan 8th 2017

  • Date has been checked with EVG

  • We will fundraise for Friends of Fladbury to support projects /groups in the village.

  • Assumption is that Julie will be Race Director with Lou as Assistant.

  • Alice agreed she will manage the teas but we need to help her find helpers

  • We need a Chief Marshall and a call for marshalls

  • Action: Lou to inform previous entrants.

  • Action: Lou to contact Tim Osborne to see if they are willing to sponsor the race again

  • Action: All to try to get raffle prizes

    • Fladbury Pies & Sausages

    • Ocky Sports Massage

    • Craycombe

    • Pello Bonito

  • Action: Lou to look into possibility of a Fladbury run group for those who want help with training.


Other Business


  1. We are late in having our AGM so date set for Wednesday 23 November2016 The Chequers meeting room

Action: Jane to publicise in Fladbury Flyer

Action: Lou to put on the website and facebook


  1. Playground needs some attention following the rotten post falling. 

Action: Ian will chase up HFN 


3.Exercise Equipment for the field

Ian asked if this was still in progress.  No progress has been made and there was a general feeling that the

requirement for the exercise equipment on the field is not a priority.


  1. Mail Chimp mailing list

Action: Andy will try and update over the winter

  1. Xmas Tree

Christmas Tree to be erected 26th November – in the morning, drinks in pub afterwards.  We will need a “heavy gang” for this as usual

Lights switch on Advent Sunday 27th November 6pm

Carols around the Xmas tree – Wednesday 21st 6pm

Action:  Steve  - can you help transport the Xmas trees (one for green and one for the church) on your trailer? 



NEXT MEETING :  Wednesday 23 November2016  The Chequers meeting room after the AGM.



Friends of Fladbury Meeting

Wednesday 18th August 2016 at the Chequers




Attendees - Jane Bugg, Caroline Curtis, Steve Curtis, Ian Southcott,  Robert Guy and Roving Chair – Lou Bugg


Apologies- Julie Cross, Andy Train, Geoff Mills, Alice Jennings


Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed with the following comments

  • Robert is still following up with Rob Farr who has offered some new football posts for the field
  • Pool Garden: Parish Council is working with HFN on the issues with the basket swing.


Treasurers Report

The current balance in the account is still £1,400.


Funding Requests

  • The funding request for the School for a picnic bench was approved.  Action: Cheque to be written and handed to Alice. Now done
  • The village hall has written to Friends of Fladbury to request £1000 donation. All agreed that £500 could be provided initially and then £500 once some further fundraising is completed. Action: Cheque to be written.

Proposed fundraiser – October 15th in the Village Hall :  Dress up disco night – Mamma Mia theme.  Ken Skillern booked.


Fete 17th September


Timing this year will be 1-4pm to catch the lunchtime and tea time trade.


  • Band - Lyrical Lottery £200 confirmed
  • Dog Show – Lisa Cole to coordinate
  • Stalls  - Jane to coordinate
  • Bar - The Chequers – Robert to coordinate
  • Archery – booked by Lou (Aztec)
  • Bouncy castle – booked by Lou (Aztec)
  • Reptiles – booked by Jane
  • Teas – Jane to coordinate with Church ladies
  • Pig roast  - to be supplied by Fladbury pies– Ian to find parish council volunteers
  • Making & Baking competition - Moira coordinating the cakes, Diana Brown coordinating the miniature garden, Need someone to coordinate the make/grown
  • Skittles – Lou to get helpers
  • PTA 
  • Brownies & Cubs – Julie to ask
  • Worcestershire Wildlife trust – Julie to ask


Festive Five 2017 – proposed date is Sunday 8th Jan – please put it in your diaries!

-Need to get in the running diary and check if clashes with other events?


Next meeting: Wednesday 28th September 2016 8pm Chequers. Roving chair tbc


Friends of Fladbury Meeting

Wednesday 13th July 2016 at the Chequers




Attendees -  Julie Cross,  Jane Bugg, Caroline Curtis, Lou Bugg and Roving Chair – Robert Guy


Apologies- Steve Curtis, Andy Train, Ian Southcott, Geoff Mills, Alice Jennings


Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed with the following comments

  • Robert to follow up with Rob Farr who has offered some new football posts for the field
  • Pool Garden: A new umbrella has been donated. Lou received a quote for the new bumper for the basket swing from HFN who originally supplied it.  Alice subsequently found a cheaper price elsewhere.  Note: since the meeting there is a further problem with the basket swing which is being addressed.
  • No progress on the exercise equipment for the field.
  • Despite the weather the Queen’s Birthday celebration was a success.


Treasurers Report

The current balance in the account is £1,400.


Funding Requests

  • Alice has provided a funding request form for Fladbury First School Action: to be reviewed by the friends (see attached)
  • Jane confirmed that the village hall will request funding. All agreed that we should try to contribute £1000.  £500 is available in current funds but we would need to do a fundraising event to raise the rest.
  • Proposed fundraiser – October 15th in the Village Hall :  Mamma Mia Dress up night.   I have emailed Ken who does the Pinvin discos to see if he is available.


Fete 17th September


It’s disappointing that Wychavon cannot provide the activities but we agreed to go ahead despite this.  We thought we would try to have an Eco theme this year.


  • Band - Lyrical Lottery £200
  • Dog Show – Lisa Cole to coordinate
  • Stalls  - Jane to coordinate
  • Bar - The Chequers
  • Climbing Wall
  • Teas
  • Pig roast 
  • Making & Baking competition  - Lou to ask Moira to coordinate
  • Skittles – Lou to ask Lee
  • PTA 
  • Brownies & Cubs – Julie to ask
  • Worcestershire Wildlife trust – Julie to ask


Festive Five 2017 – proposed date is Sunday 8th Jan – please put it in your diaries!


Next meeting: Wednesday 17th August 2016 8pm Chequers. 

Roving chair will be Lou



Friends of Fladbury Meeting : Wednesday 4th May 2016 at the Chequers


Attendees- Jane Bugg, Ian Southcott, Caroline Curtis, Robert Guy, Lou Bugg, Steve Curtis, Andy Train, Alice Jennings, Ann Rickson

Apologies – Julie Cross, Geoff Mills

Minutes of the Last meeting were approved

Key Actions from meeting:

[ACTION] First responders and bananas to be paid.

[ACTION] Julie to ask WBCU to bank it.

[ACTION] £182.50 requested by brownies for archery, and other outdoor activities at camp. This was unanimously agreed and Robert will write a cheque.

[ACTION] School would like to request funding for small benches as the pre-schoolers find standard size too large. An application will be submitted (this is circulated with these minutes)

[ACTION] Evesham & District Music Club – request funding towards a piano. As this is no within our mission to support the residents of Fladbury we have turned down this request. Jane will advise.

[ACTION] It is believed that the portable goals have been stolen from the playing field. Lou to check if the portable goals are still there.

[ACTION] Exercise equipment on field. Ian has been to look and a further visit to assess the best site for any equipment. A further site visit is required. Ian to arrange.

[ACTION] Lou to contact HFN to get a replacement bumper for the basket swing at Pool Garden

[ACTION] Ian to sort out a replacement umbrella or recovering of the original.


Currently struggling for musical entertainment.

Entries are a bit slow and it’s cup final day so the numbers are not as high as previous years. Simon has been asked to do a BBQ

[ACTION] volunteers needed to sell bands from 1-2.30pm.

Queen’s birthday Celebrations

The run Friday has been cancelled as it requires more time commitment than is currently available.

The party is confirmed as a street party on Sunday 12th of June 2016 at 12.30. Bells are going to ring from 12.45 to 1.15.

Tables and chairs will be set up on the road from the green to the. The Chequers and the Anchor will both be providing food, and we will ask villagers to bring a cake. The Chequers will also do an outdoor bar and BBQ.

Anne Rickson – kindly offered bunting, cups of tea from her house, she also has tables. We will try and find tea assistants.

Need to get tables (Chequers have 6-8 trestles), Ann has 2 trestles for her garden which can seat about 50.

[ACTION] Ian to measure the road and work out how many tables and chairs are required.

 [ACTION] Ian to ask the Parish Council if they would contribute to the Queen’s Birthday celebration

[ACTION] Alice to ask Julie if the school would like to Maypole dance

 [ACTION] Lou to purchase a life size cut out of the Queen and Prince Phillip

[ACTION] Request that the fancy dress competition parade around the chantry in the same way as they do at Easter and ask if there could be an adult section too. We will provide prizes for the fancy dress competition. Alice to inform Fiona from the PTFA.

[ACTION] Arrange a working party for 10am on the morning of the 12th and clean up at 5pm

 [ACTION] Jane to ask Simon to do a curry and chips

[ACTION] Steve and Caroline’s daughter Jenny will be asked to provide music.


[ACTION] Alice to ask Lisa again if she is able to do the dog show

[ACTION] Steve to chase Wychavon to find out what they are able to contribute.

[ACTION] Jane to ask stall holders at the walkabout if they are interested

Next meeting 13th July 8pm Chequers Robert to chair



Friends of Fladbury Meeting

Wednesday 20 Jan 2016 at the Chequers



Attendees - Alice Jennings Louise Bugg, Jane Bugg, Caroline Curtis, Ian Southcott, Geoff Mills, Andy Train


Roving Chair – Julie Cross


Apologies- Ian Southcott, Steve Curtis


Matters Arising


  • POOL GARDEN – Speak to Sue Poutney in Spring, organise a 5 year party?
  • ONLINE BANKING – Robert has forms, need to be signed.
  • ELECTRICITY ON GREEN - £472.22 cheque to be given to Ian Southcott to pay for part of the costs.
  • FETE – Steve Curtis requested that Wychavon provide same services as last year.
  • CHRISTMAS TREE – to be cut up and taken to the tip.  Lou and Julie will take to tip between them.  Thanks to the Orchard for the tree.  Since the meeting this has been moved by Simon the Pieman (what a star!)
  • SPORTS EQUIPMENT – Andy’s suggestion is that parallel bars, dips, chins, incline bench. Action: Andy and Ed to progress.
  • MAIL CHIMP – Andy to review list of which roads we have collected emails for and will collect the rest.  Agreed that we will include details of other events in Friends of Fladbury in our mailings but not send out separate emails on behalf of other village groups.  


Meeting minutes



  • Run was a great success. Thanks to all those who helped.
  • 169 ran out of 200 people who entered online.  Made a massive difference having online entry system.
  • Jane to thank everyone for spot prizes.
  • Lou to send letter to Tim Osborne to thank him.
  • Need to change the age groups next time.
  • EVG have asked if we would like to do a summer run.

Action: All agreed good idea and need to look for June date.

Julie to contact Worcester Breast Unit contact to discuss agreed £750 contribution. Robert to get a giant cheque which can be presented.













































The current bank balance is £2890.83

£472.22.has been committed to getting the electricity sorted on the village green so that it can be used for events and the village Christmas tree lights.

£750 committed to the Worcester Breast Unit Campaign

Fladbury Players and Brownies have requested funds.  To be progressed.


QUEEN’s 90th Birthday

This year is the Queen’s 90th birthday and there will be a weekend of celebrations from 10-12 June. The committee suggested that we have a street party stretching from the Anchor to the Chequers on 12th June.

Pubs are happy to have event. Suggested that we have bands / entertainments outside both pubs Action: Need to speak to the residents who live in Chequers Lane and The Chantry. Who?


Fladbury Regatta

The regatta is on 21st May this year.  The Friends of Fladbury offered to help on the day to manage the process of issuing bands to paddlers.  Action: Andy to decide how he wants to manage this year.


NEXT MEETING will be Wed 2nd March at 8pm in the Chequers. Our roving chair will be Lou Bugg



Friends of Fladbury Meeting

Wednesday 4th November 2015 at the Chequers



Attendees - Louise Bugg, Jane Bugg, Caroline Curtis, Steve Curtis,  Ian Southcott, Geoff Mills, Andy Train

Roving Chair – Robert Guy


Apologies Alice Jennings


Meeting minutes



A new parasol was purchased this year which will be stored by Ian Southcott over the winter.

Action:  Lou to ask Alice and Lisa if they can get some input from current users to find out if any further enhancements are required.



The current bank balance is £1657.01.  Approx £500 has been committed to getting the electricity sorted on the village green so that it can be used for events and the village Christmas tree lights.

                Robert has agreed to continue to look after the finances

Action: online banking to be set up by Lou & Susan.



A summary of the income and expenses from the Fladbury Fete held in September are provided below.

We made a small profit of £196.05.  It was agreed by all that the event was well received and should be repeated next year.  The date for next year will be 17th September.  We all agreed that the key items to secure are the Dog Show and the Wychavon activities as these are the key attractions.  Robert has asked the Chequers to provide a beer tent in which we could sell Simon’s pies also.


Action: Steve Curtis to speak to Wychavon.  Lou to speak to Lisa re: Dog Show.




Western Power are installing electricity on the green on 24th November. The tree will come from The Fladbury Community Orchard again his year and will be collected on Saturday 28th November.

On Sunday 29th November at 5pm the lights will be switched on by Louise Craske and Valerie Warren from the Fladbury Community Orchard committee. 

On 22nd December there will be carol singing around the tree followed by mince pies and mulled wine in The Anchor. A collection will be done for St Paul’s Hostel. 



A heavy gang to meet at 13.30pm on 8th November to get the base, pick up the tree and erect it on the green.


Ian will sort the lights before this and ask John Foley if he can help transport the tree.


 Andy Train will ask if Peter Wagner can organise the music for the carol singing.  Jane Bugg will organise the mince pies.



Geoff has purchased 3 big bags of bulbs which will be planted on Sunday 15th November. 

Jane Bugg will promote this at the Charity Card fair on the 14th November selling some bags of bulbs for locals to plant in their front gardens.


Action: All meet at 15th November at 10am on the village green.  Lou Bugg to ask Alice Jennings to send an email to our database.





There was some discussion about a village table tennis table for the village hall. No action agreed.


Ed Cross has proposed some timber training equipment for the field. 

Action: Andy Train, Ed Cross, Ian Southcott to meet to discuss what equipment would be best and where it would be best placed on the field.



We have established the mailing list and Alice has been regularly sending out emails.

Action: Andy Train to find out how many users we have and how we can increase the coverage.


QUEEN’s 90th Birthday

Next year is the Queen’s 90th birthday and there will be a weekend of celebrations from 10-12 June. The committee suggested that we have a street party stretching from the Anchor to the Chequers.

To be discussed again at the next meeting.



Julie and Lou would like to do the race again this year.  Sunday 3rd January 2016 was proposed.

It was agreed that it would be good to raise money for a specific cause, the Worcester Breast Cancer Unit.



Julie to check with Roly Holt to find out if EVG facility is available on the 3rd January 2016
A separate sub-committee will be created to manage the event if it goes ahead.


NEXT MEETING will be 20th January at 8pm in the Chequers. Our roving chair will be Julie Cross.



Friends of Fladbury Meeting

Tuesday 11 August 2015 at the Chequers


Louise Bugg, Jane Bugg, Caroline Curtis, Steve Curtis,  Ian Southcott, Geoff Mills


Sandy Insall, Lisa Cole, Alice Jennings, Robert Guy

Meeting minutes


The main topic of conversation was the Fladbury Fete which is planned for 19th February.Most attractions are in place however Lisa is no longer available to organise the Dog Show. 

Action: Jane to speak to person who did the Cropthorne Walkabout dog show.  Lou to ask Lisa if she can point us in the direction of an alternative organiser.

Caroline and Steve, Ian and possibly Geoff are also not available on the day making Friends of Fladbury resources scarce for the day. 

Action: Ian to look for a stand in for the pig roast.  Lou to speak to Robet, Alice and Julie on their return from holiday to see if they are free on the day to help with set up, managing elements of the event and clear up.

Other actions:

Steve to find out if Wychavon are providing face painting

Once the issue of resources and dog show are resolved we need to work quickly on communication and finalisign the attraction.


Ed Cross has proposed some timber training equipment for the field.  Ed is going to meet with Andy Train to discuss what equipment may be most appropriate for his athletes.

Action: Ian and Geoff to work on where they would be best positioned on the field.


There will be an official opening of the path on Saturday 29th August at 10am


Action: Geoff to purchase some bulbs for planting


Action: Geoff to work towards getting the footpath notice board updated


An electricity socket on the green is being installed. There is a cost involved which Ian suggested might be shared between the Walkabout, Friends of Fladbury funds and Parish Council



Friends of Fladbury AGM

21 April 2015 at the Chequers


Julie Cross, Robert Guy, Caroline Curtis, Steve Curtis, Sandy Insall, Ian Southcott, Geoff Mills, Lou Bugg, Jane Bugg,


Andy Train, Lisa Cole, Alice Jennings

Meeting minutes

Last year AGM minutes were agreed, proposed and seconded.

Chairman’s Report – Julie Cross

“There have been various events over the year which FOF have organised or helped out at including

The Regatta, the Walkabout ( Alice kindly coordinated scarecrows) , two Quizzes and the fete. All went well, and another fete is planned this year in September.

Once again FOF coordinated the tree lights ( thanks to Jane, Ian et al) suggestion is to investigate something more permanent for 2015.

Organisations helped include the Brownies, the Village Hall and the church.

I am particularly excited that the Jubillee walk is becoming a reality- although driven forward by the Parish Council it was originally Alice’s idea to call it such.

Upcoming events include the regatta and fete. A process has been set I place to collect a list of e-mail addresses for circulation .”

Tresurer’s Report

£1635 balance in the bank. 

Jane gave additional quiz ticket money £40.00 from the butchers.

Brownies have completed a form requesting a donation of £130.00

Agreed that we would check if any work needs to be done in Pool Garden. Parish Council cover maintenance.

Action: Julie to speak to Lisa and to Sue Poultney.


Julie Cross will be standing down after 3 years. Thank you to Julie for doing a great job. All agreed that we would have a roving Chair.  One person nominated to chair the next meeting – arrange time, send an agenda.

Lou Bugg was voted in as secretary

Robert Guy to remain Treasurer

Action: Lou to review the constitution to see if there are any implications of change of Chair position.

Robert to pull together a list of receipts and expenditure for the next meeting.

The AGM closed at 8.30pm



Friends of Fladbury Normal Meeting

Mail Chimp

  • We have had some success in collecting email addresses.
  • There is some collection still to do. Sandy very generously agreed to collect Butt Furlong for Lou
  • Lou agreed to enter all the addresses into a spreadsheet that we already have asap so they can be used for a mailing for the Regatta.


  • Scarecrows – Julie to check that Alice is happy to do the workshop to make the scarecrows.
  • May 6th is the next Walkabout meeting.
  • June flyer deadline is the middle of May – need to put information.

Fete - 19th September

  • Wychavon agreed to come again.
  • Arran coming with snakes
  • Dog show (Need to check Lisa is happy to arrange again)
  • Lou to email school to see if the children want to come and do some maypole dancing.
  • Eve Meusz is willing do some music for a small donation. Jane to speak to Eve.
  • Robert agreed to do some commentating.
  • Small Beer/Cider tent – Jane to ask Simon pub man
  • Jane to speak to Alice re: competiton this year.
  • Teas – Jane to ask if Church can do the cakes
  • Maybe add a Tombola – Floozies Julie to speak
  • Stalls – Lou to ask Alice if she can contact stall holders from last year.
  • Bouncy Castle – Lou to book
  • Display at fete to show what Friends have done


  • Music – Lou to speak to Andy to see if he wants The Harts to come.
  • Food – Simon coming to do the bbq.


  • Geoff to get some more bulbs.
  • Fladbury Heritage – there have been exploratory discussions regarding setting up an organisation to protect the historic assets of the village– Ian, Geoff, Mike Izod.  Walkabout funds would go to this organisation.
  • Lou to get a quote for an outdoor table tennis table for the field

Next meeting: Tuesday 23rd June.  The Chequers.  Roving Chair Jane Bugg (Robert will do the one after that)