School to School - The UK to Mount Katahdin

Lawrence Wild’s project, School to School, The UK to Mount Katahdin will see him walk the 2190 miles of the world’s longest continuous footpath, the Appalachian Trail on the east coast of the USA. In addition to being a huge personal challenge, the project carries many educational opportunities for schools. Lawrence will be linking six schools in the UK and six schools in the US which will become part of an international collaboration to produce a trail journal that builds a portfolio of children’s work, with a focus on their local environment and the culture and history of their homes. The journal will be physically taken from school to school by Lawrence and will end on Mount Katahdin, USA.

You can follow his progress via social media, using Youtube if you subscribe to his channel you will be notified when new vlogs come on line.

Lawrence will also be using Instagram to share pictures and write a short blog. You can follow him by going on to Instagram and searching for school_to_school and tap 'follow'.